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Allison & Mosby-Scott

Risk Management

Allison & Mosby-Scott Risk Management provides risk management consulting services to businesses throughout the United States. We provide independent risk management consulting services. This means that we work solely in our client’s best interest in establishing risk management solutions to help our clients meet their strategic goals.

Allison & Mosby-Scott Risk Management services are customized for each individual client. We spend the necessary time to understand each client’s business and its goals before we design risk management solutions. Allison & Mosby-Scott Risk Management provides clients a wide variety of services, including:

  • Outsourced Risk Management Services

  • Risk Analysis/Profiling – Detailed identification and analysis of risk and exposures

  • Insurance Program Reviews – Detailed review of existing insurance policies and costs

  • Insurance Broker Selection & Request for Proposals – Development of specifications and marketing of insurance programs and assistance with agent/broker selection

  • Contract review – review of insurance requirements in contracts

  • Insurance Certificate Review & Compliance

  • Captive Insurance Company Best Practices

  • Captive Insurance Company Feasibility Studies and Formation

  • Reinsuring Employee Benefits in a Captive Insurance Company

  • Setting up multi-national insurance programs

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Merger, acquisition and divestiture due diligence review

  • Expert Witness services regarding captive insurance best practices

  • Crop Insurance

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